Reinforced Vinyl Flexible Noise Barrier

Mason Acoustics Noise BarrierMason Acoustics flexible noise barrier is a reinforced loaded vinyl noise barrier featuring an internal reinforcement to offer maximum tear strength and durability. Major function of vinyl noise barrier mat is to reduce the transmission from one side to another by passing through the barrier material. It helps reducing noise exposure at sensitive receiver, and keep ambient noise level at desired level.

Vinyl noise barrier can be used as noise mitigation measures at construction site, or acoustic measures in building and M&E applications.

Outdoor Noise
Construction site noise barrier
Recommended Model : FB-WH-05
Indoor Noise
Enhancement of drywall & ceiling partition noise reduction
Recommended Model : FB-WH-05
Equipment Noise
Mechanical equipment enclosure
Recommended Model : FB-WH-05
Pipe Noise
Pipe Noise Acoustics
Pipe and air duct lagging
Recommended Model: Contact Us for Details
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