Damping & Vibration

Damping is kind of acoustic material which can be in sheet form and applied to flooring or ceiling roof, to reduce the level of radiated noise. Having installation of rain impact damping sheet at roofing panel is a traditional solution, to tackle the noise generated by the rain.

Vibration isolation materials are used to separate vibrating parts from the rest of the structure, so the noise is contained to an acceptable level. Common isolation material are spring mounts, elastomeric or isolation pad.

Rain Impact on Ceiling Roof
Sports Hall, Convention Hall
Recommended Model : DV-WH-RDS
M&E Equipment Vibration
Ventilation Fan, Pump Vibration
Recommended Model : DV-WH-RB01
Industrial Equipment Vibration
Impact Machinery, OEM Machinery, Shaker Screen
Recommended Model : DV-WH-RB02
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